Income Generation

  • Participating in the Aastha Enterprise-selling of Compacts and Pancakes.
  • Cultural activities - planing/organising parties.
  • Donations from Clients.
  • Fashion Designing.
  • Embroidery.

Areas OF Special Interest

  • Sensitisation of Police.
  • Family Counselling.
  • Social Acceptance.
  • Harassment issues.
  • Shelter for aging MSWs.

Empowerment Activities

  • Outreach programs with key stakeholders; such as the police and local leaders.
  • Spreading awareness about STI/HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support.
  • Strategic Behaviour Communication  (SBC) sessions to improve health seeking behaviour.
  • Counselling sessions with lawyers and doctors via camps.
  • Income generating activities for the MSWs.
  • Monthly meetings of the 3 Self Help Groups.